The core company of Zoz Group is still and clearly represented by Zoz GmbH with a focus on development and manufacturing of nanostructured materials as well as equipment and processing plants for this.

In recent years and among others there have been and there are significant successes in development and business in the fields of light weight materials (Zentallium®), 2nd generation Lithium-Ion battery materials as well as in Hydrogen-storage based on metal-hydride solid-storage materials systems (H2Tank2Go®).

rethinknature_newApart from Zentallium® parts these successes are mostly related to materials-supply as well as equipment supply for the processing and manufacturing of corresponding materials and insofar allow only a limited direct market access and only a limited market impact.

Thus we e. g. have to realize, that Hydrogen-drives today are not commercially used even technically and economically and as for our understanding it could be done.
Insofar it would e. g. be a blessing to have access to a vehicle-fleet for corresponding field tests on alternative drive- and mobility concepts to be utilized to convince on large scale. Since we ourselves cannot move nor handle such fleet, the incorporation of an enterprise for the development, manufacturing, trading and maintaining of electric- and hybrid-driven vehicles and sports equipment represents nothing but an ideal alternative.

Here at first and instantaneous reasonable electro-mobility will be supplied and performed and in short term optimized by the application of light-weight materials in particular by Zentallium®-parts of Zoz GmbH.
In mid-term, high-performance 2nd generation Lithium-Ion batteries shall extend driving range and reduce recharging times where favourably we would like to utilize our excellent customer-relationship to those companies that we are allowed to supply corresponding battery materials res. processing equipment for the manufacturing of the same. On long-term range our experience and expertise of decades in Hydrogen-storage technology shall meet widely spread application. Insofar corresponding vehicles will be equipped most probably with low-temperature fuel-cells (PEMFC) and by that time light weight RT/NT-solid-storage-systems (H2Tank2Go®) again supplied from Zoz Group for the safe transportation of Hydrogen-fuel.

For the propagation of the innovations as before, a satisfied and large customer group is of highest value since by this direct end-user relationship, corresponding replacement-actions for field-tests can lead to success very fast. Therefore we are requesting every single customer to submit his contact data, to visit our web-page from time to time and in particular for continuous review and criticism.
And the company that has been launched for all this at the self understanding being a partner for small and large trading exactly as for the end-user is practically called Zoz Mobility and has the pretentious goal to generate a market.

Prof. Dr. Henning Zoz, November 2009